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Is your website getting you down?

Content marketing is a great way to draw attention to your brand. Not only does engaging content bring in more traffic, it also keeps consumers on your site for longer and encourages them to come back for more.

However, to put it frankly, this is all a waste of time if your website isn’t up to scratch.

In today’s internet age, a brand’s online appearance is just as important as it’s physical appearance, so it is important to make sure your site is up to speed.

A recent study by online marketing firm Portent found the majority of websites are failing to load on time.

The study first gathered data from 16 e-commerce websites, then from a further 500 sites.

The study found roughly 50 per cent of sites take longer than five seconds to load and have a standard deviation of eight seconds.

Portent recommended that sites should try to aim for a loading time of at least five seconds, although the lesser is obviously the better.

They pointed out that every second you shave off your site’s average page load time means an 8 per cent improvement in page value.

It is also important to prioritise pages you consider to be of high importance, such as landing pages.

So if you do think your website is lagging a little behind, it’s okay. It happens to the best of us.

Here are some of the recommendations by Portent to get your website up to speed.

Firstly, make sure you include JavaScript src ‘.js’ at the end of every page.

Another major reason for slow page speed is ETags and expires headers so make sure they are set properly.

Also, large images can weigh your site down, so compressing images is a great way to help speed up your site.

Posted by Dylan Brown