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It’s a wrap: The Twitter Olympics come to a close

It wasn't just the Olympic athletes breaking records for the last 16 days – Twitter also created a social media frenzy with more than 150 million tweets about the London Games.

Twitter shared the highs and lows of the Olympics, delivering fresh content straight from the athletes themselves brandishing new medals – and at times making controversial statements – fans posting tweets of support and sharing pictures of the events across London.

The London Games is arguably one of the biggest Twitter campaigns to hit, where it was a global phenomenon often appearing in the top trending lists for most countries.

The biggest moments captured by Twitter (as measured by Tweets per minute, TPM) included Jamaica's Usain Bolt taking gold in the 200m sprint at 80,000 plus TPM, Bolt winning the 100m sprint at 74,000 plus TPM, Great Britain's Andy Murray winning gold in the tennis singles and Jamaica winning gold in the men's 4×100 relay.

The most tweeted sport was football (soccer) with well over five million tweets, this was followed by swimming, track and field (athletics) gymnastics and volleyball.

Twitter also made heroes of athletes, where the top five most discussed athletes were (in order) Usain Bolt, 18-time olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps, British diver Tom Daley, American swimmer Ryan Lochte and American gymnast Gabrielle Doug.

Not to be forgotten in the Twitter Olympics is the opening and closing ceremonies which generated a huge volume of tweets. The closing ceremony favourites were the Spice Girls – who made their comeback in personalised London taxis – with 116,000 Tweets per minute.

We can expect the Twitter Olympics to return with the Rio Games in four years, but in that time we may see more advanced developments and interactive features in the social media engine that will improve our experience and engagement with the Olympic Games even more.

Posted by April Revake.