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It’s not you … the Facebook brand breakup

While there is no single sure-fire secret to social media marketing success, the web is awash with plenty of suggestions for businesses looking to boost their number of Facebook fans or Twitter subscribers.

But sometimes it's just as useful to learn from failures than successes – and one research firm has helpfully put together a list of the most common reasons consumers decide to 'unlike' a brand.

According to ExactTarget's Subscribers Fans and Followers report, some of the top reasons for a Facebook split are too-frequent posts, repetitive or boring content, companies that take a "too-promotional" approach, unfocused posts and irrelevant updates.

When fans no longer want to see posts from a particular brand, they tend to react in a few typical ways – some of which are more helpful to marketers than others. 43 per cent of fans make their breakup "Facebook official" by going to the company's fan page and clicking the Unlike button.

But a further 38 per cent take no action except to block the posts from their news feed and 19 per cent just ignore them altogether.

This can be confusing to marketers, especially when users disconnect in a way that offers no direct feedback – companies can't see who is hiding posts on a Facebook news feed and may not know that their message needs to be changed.

One clear finding from the ExactTarget research is the importance of fresh content in creating an engaged community of Facebook fans.

If you approach social media marketing with this strategy in mind, you can build a network of people who can amplify your brand and spread your message.