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Jobseekers turning to social media

While most savvy social media users would consider themselves ahead of the pack when it comes to securing a job, a popular topic of discussion is which platform is the most effective?

A new study by web-based recruitment software developer Bullhorn has revealed that a company's Twitter follower is three times more likely to apply for a job than a LinkedIn connection.

The 2012 Social Activity Recruiting Report examined the use of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook by 35,000 recruiters around the world.

Only 21 per cent of those surveyed used all three social media platforms to attract potential employees.

According to sales director for Bullhorn Australia-Pacific Ben Fuller, it is vital for recruiters to know which social media platforms are most effective – and focus their attention there.

"While Twitter provides the best return on investment for recruiters, LinkedIn continues to generate the volume of job interest and activity, driving three times more job views than Twitter and six times more views than Facebook," Mr Fuller explained.

"Facebook is the least effective channel for sourcing candidates, despite being the largest social networking site in the world."

Mr Fuller believes that while Twitter grows at a slower rate than Facebook and LinkedIn – at an average of 3.1 new connections per week – the microblogging site saw double the job views and triple the applications that Facebook has achieved this year so far.

A company's social media strategy is becoming increasingly important, not only for generating sales but for also attracting the ideal candidates – a presence across all platforms can help to deliver a clear message about what your firm has to offer.

Bullhorn expects recruiters could increase the size of their Twitter networks four-fold by the end of the year, as well as adding approximately 1,000 connections to their LinkedIn networks.

Posted by Elise Ferrari