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Justin Bieber fans ‘have highest engagement levels’

Fans of Canadian teen pop sensation are the most engaged on Facebook, new figures from a US social media management firm have suggested.

New York-based FanGager asserts that rather than simply counting the number of people who 'like' your page on Facebook, what matters is the number of active users that are fans of your page.

Active users are those who frequently 'like' pages and comment on posts. So while Bieber, who has approximately 20 million fans on the social networking site, has fewer fans than soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (21.1 million) and rapper Lil' Wayne (20.9 million) – the fans he does have are considerably more active.

It is thought the new FanGager stats could demonstrate the overall effectiveness of a Facebook page in a more comprehensive way than tracking 'likes' alone.

In addition to Justin Bieber, the Zynga social game Texas Hold'Em Poker, Manchester United Football Club, musical sitcom Glee and US president Barack Obama round out the top five pages with the most engaged fans on Facebook.

Regularly updating your Facebook page with fresh content could be a great way to drive user engagement – and encourage more traffic to your company website. Blog posts, news articles and other timely, relevant updates can attract new fans and keep your current followers interested in your page.