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Keeping up to date with a social media strategy in 2013

Whether you are looking at developing a social media strategy for the first time or if your business is well versed in social media marketing, it's important to stay ahead of upcoming trends.

The coming 12 months will see a number of changes in the way that social media is utilised in a company's marketing.

Visual marketing is likely to become even more crucial in how a social media campaign operates given that videos and images resonate with people in a way that hasn't previously been seen. The increased use of Instagram is one such example of how the basic concept of images can speak to users.

Similarly, advertising on social media should become more and more prevalent over 2013 as brands and businesses fight for room and the attention of users. A BIA/Kesley report that was recently published found that revenue generated from advertising on social media in the US reached $4.6 billion in 2012.

In three years, that's expected to more than double with the program director of Social Local Media at BIA/Kelsey, Jed Williams, saying that 2012 was a milestone year for social media advertising and it is set to continue.

He commented: "The continued development of native ads, such as Facebook's Sponsored Stories and Twitter's Promoted Tweets, and the acceleration of mobile monetisation will be the primary drivers of social advertising growth through 2016."

While traditional news media may be struggling, the demand for news driven content has continued to grow and more brands will be looking to capitalise on this. The market is demanding a higher quality of news as a result of misinformation from "citizen journalists", making effective content marketing strategies from dedicated professional organisations increasingly attractive.

And with the creation of the tablet comes an explosion of mobile driven content. Taking advantage of that audience certainly helps organisations get their message across to their target demographics.

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Posted by Tim Wright