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Keeping up with social media: Content marketing stats you need to know

The social media realm is one of constant change and development, with a huge number of new platforms, apps and functions available everyday.

Yesterday (August 22) Facebook announced a new look for Facebook messages with improved features. Now you may not think on the surface that this is a huge development, but it may change the way that we communicate with each other on the platform.

You can now “bring conversations to life” by adding multiple photos and emoticons in a new and more appealing side-by-side layout.

Easier search and navigation tools have also been employed with keyboard commands, where you can see a list of shortcuts by typing Control Q on a Mac or Alt Q on a PC.

Now you’ve probably heard it drilled time and time again – that it’s vital you have a social media marketing plan in place.

Well it’s time you acquainted your company with the masses and put your social media strategy into action because you’re missing out on an audience that is consistently going digital.

An infographic put together by ContentPlus studied the anatomy of content marketing, stating it as the ‘heart of online success’.

It found some startling information about the engagement people have with social media and companies, where word of mouth is the primary factor for up to 50 per cent of buying decisions.

Using social networks can help spread this word of mouth buying power, where six in 10 Twitter or Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow.

Having fresh and original content will drive people to your site, with interesting content being one of the top three reasons why people follow brands on social media.

The more social presence your company has, the more interest it will garner. Company blogs are essential in establishing an online presence, where they get 97 per cent more inbound links than others – so get updating and writing!

Posted by April Revake.