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Kevin Rudd resigns as FM days after YouTube clip goes viral

Political parties and the politicians that lead them are often among the first to embrace social media.

This is especially true for former prime minister and now ex-foreign minister Kevin Rudd, who launched many of his career changing campaigns on Twitter.

And now it seems that Julia Gillard's number one rival – an honour that in any other circumstance would be reserved for opposition leader Tony Abbott – is something of a hit on the video sharing site YouTube.

The video 'Kevin Rudd is a Happy Little Vegemite' was leaked over the weekend (February 17) and has since gone viral.

In the clip Mr Rudd is shown losing his temper on a number of occasions as he tries to deliver a "complex" speech, with long sentences.

During the would-be press update, the member for Griffith was also featured more than a few four letter words, showcasing another side to one of the country's most talked about MPs.

One of the more memorable quotes saw Mr Rudd comment: "Don't have the f—ing patience to do it … This is f—ing Chinese interpreter up again … Ohh … just f—in' hopeless."

The footage was also broadcast on all the main news stations, attracting interest from both sides of politics.

"The Foreign Minister has never made any secret of the fact that he sometimes swears," a spokesperson told the SMH.

"He regrets any offence that might be cause by the release of this selectively edited footage recorded a number of years ago," she said.

Members of the Labor Party feel that there may have been ulterior motives at play given the timing of the release, but it is still unclear who uploaded the video.

Remixes featuring flames, music and image mash-ups are also being shared, while the story as well as news of the FMs recent resignation (February 22) are trending on Twitter.

Posted by Aimee McBride