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Kill switch causes major decline in iPhone theft [VIDEO]

Smartphones have transformed our lives and provide content marketers with new ways to get at their target markets.

But as well as getting more sophisticated and valuable, our smartphones often contain confidential information that we wouldn't want to slip into the wrong hands.

As a result, many people remain nervous about shopping on their mobile devices in fear of someone finding and using their personal data.

Luckily, the chances of your phone becoming an accessory to a crime are dropping dramatically thanks to the "kill switches" in Apple products, which were introduced back in 2013.

A recent Reuters report said San Francisco has experienced a 40 per cent decline in iPhone thefts, while New York experienced a 25 per cent decrease.

If technological improvements like kill switches can deter criminals, we could see more people willing to use their smartphones to spend money. This will create lots more exciting opportunities for brands to use content marketing as a means of finding, engaging and converting smartphone users into customers.