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Kim Kardashian tops Yahoo!’s 2011 most popular searches list

Yahoo! has released its 2011 list of most popular searches as it reviews the year that was.

And while the results are limited to the United States a number of the top rating hits will no doubt reflect user trends in Australia.

After ten years of search recaps the brand is also using its annual listing to celebrate its first 12 months of being powered by search engine Bing.

As with most years the lists read like a regular glossy with information on celebrities, weight loss diets, cosmetic procedures and fashion.

Coming in at number one on the celebrity search list was it girl Kim Kardashian, who pipped Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez to take out the top honour.

People with money took time out of their busy schedules to monitor the Dow Jones Index, gold prices and the FAFSA.

The gadgets we care most about include our iPhones, Blackberries and Xbox, but the PlayStation 3 also made it to the list.

While sport fans are keen to get the latest stats on the New York Yankees, Pittsburg Steelers and Boston Red Sox, it would seem that many are also interested in NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, golfer Tiger Woods and professional boxer Manny Pacquiao.

However, a high ranking in search results may not be an automatic sign of popularity with Yahoo! saying that it is more likely to be an indication of user curiosity.

"Do people really love Kim Kardashian and the Jennifers that much? Yes and no. Search measures curiosity and interest, not popularity. As we've said in the past, a search for information is neutral. It may be motivated by curiosity, fear, lust, anger, boredom, love, or any number of other triggers," said senior editor and web trend analyst at Yahoo! Vera Chan.

"But combine those billion (or so) individual motivations to search, and you can build a sketch portrait of a culture in motion."

Posted by Aimee McBride