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Kraft says content marketing is more effective than advertising

The phrase ‘quality over quantity’ gets thrown around all the time – but is this age-old principle applicable to the fast-paced industry of content marketing?

Kraft’s director of data, content and media, Julie Fleischer believes it is. She was a guest speaker at this year’s “Content Marketing World” conference.

Fleischer, who has been dubbed “Content Marketer of the Year”,  by the Content Marketing Institute spoke on the impact content marketing has on the company since it split from Mondelez two years back.

Under Fleischer’s leadership, Kraft now generates four-times more return on investment through content marketing than targeted advertising, and 1.1 billion ad impressions every year, Advertising Age reported.

Why is content so effective?

“It’s an invitation to engage. It’s not intrusive and invites the consumer in.” she said.

Fleischer believes content marketing should be treated with the same seriousness and attention to detail as we would treat a paid advertising campaign.

For example, social media marketing is an area where brands often let the quality of content slip, Fleischer pointed out.

Since most social platforms are free, marketers have a more relaxed approach to it, but it is becoming increasingly harder to reach people organically, she said.

“It’s not about putting something out every day to be part of the conversation,” Fleischer said, instead saying brands need to stop trying to target everyone and start focusing on the individual.

Kraft is one of North America’s largest food and beverage companies, generating an annual revenue of more than $18 billion.

The company is made up of 27 different brands which can be found in 98 per cent of U.S. households.

Although Kraft has only just perfected its content strategy, the company has been doing it for years – with their Food & Family Magazine that is mailed out to one in ten american households.

This new attitude towards high-quality and relevant content has surely paid off for Kraft, and a great example of how effective content marketing has become.