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Larry who? Twitter bird is anonymous no more

The recognisable icon of microblogging site Twitter has finally had its his true identity revealed – and he's named after a sporting icon.

The revelation came care of a tweet from the social media platform's product manager Ryan Sarver, when he posted a picture from a meeting analysing the logo’s evolution led by creative director Douglas Bowman.

Mr Sarver tweeted: "Going over Design @Twitter. The evolution of the Larry the Bird logo."

"We were glad to see his wings fully develop. He looked like a sickly bird for a few years."

However, this is not the first time that the L word has been let slip – back in March 2010, Twitter’s corporate responsibility manager Jenna Dawn also mentioned the name Larry in a tweet.

Last year, the official Twitter profile reference a "sketchLarry" hashtag when tweeting to Late Night host Jimmy Fallon and American journalist Ann Curry.

A tutorial blog post uploaded earlier (February 16) this year regarding the new layout also referenced the iconic bird's name.

" shortcut: You can quickly close all expanded Tweets by pressing 'L' (as in Larry) on your keyboard," the post read.

But which famous Larry is the namesake?

The Twitter bird is said to be named after former basketball player for the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird – the NBA team Twitter co-founder Biz Stone just so happens to support.

The team's director of interactive media Peter Stringer confirmed the rumour after he tweeted Mr Stone.

Mr Stringer wrote on August 11 2011: "Hey @Biz Is the @Twitter Bird icon named after @Celtics legend Larry Bird?"

The tweet also included a link to a Media Bistro article speculating the connection between the sports star and the social media icon.

Posted by Elise Ferrari