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Last minute content marketing for Father’s Day: How and Why

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday there’s bound to be a lot of people in a panic trying to find a last minute gift for their dear old dad. So, why not give them a hand? If what you sell could make a good present for Father’s Day then don’t keep it to yourself, because it’s likely last minute shoppers will be on the lookout for ideas.

recent survey by Outbrain, a content discovery platform, found that unlike Mother’s Day, people typically don’t start looking for content about Father’s Day until just before the actual day of celebration. This means sons and daughters up and down the country are planning their gifts much later, and therefore need helpful content right up until Dad’s special day.


Why do content marketing for Father’s Day at this late stage?

It may seem a little late to jump on the Father’s Day bandwagon, but if you put an effective content strategy in place you can have a piece of the pie as well.

Over the last 5 years, the share of Father’s Day spending that goes to online has grown from 20 per cent to nearly 30 per cent. Outbrain’s survey also looked at ‘the battle of page views’ between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and found that Father’s Day won by some distance with an extra 11 million page views. That’s a lot of people looking for content!

Outbrain survey results - Mother's and Father's Day pageviews

This data shows that not only are consumers looking for content but while they’re online they are also likely to have an intent to purchase, especially as time runs out. All the more reason to produce some content and get that traffic to your site. Quick conversions may be the end goal, but introducing customers into your sales funnel should also be considered a win. Content marketing for Father’s Day will help to build trusted relationships with your audience and make your brand memorable.

This video by Gillette may not necessarily have sent a bunch of men running out to buy razors for their Dads, but it certainly helped with their brand awareness, increasing the chances of future sales.

Over the next few days there will be a lot of sons and daughters trawling through the internet to find the perfect gift for their old man, so consider the points below to help guide them to your brand and make a few more Dads happy on Sunday.

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Get found in search

If you want to tap into the short-term demand for Fathers’ Day and related search terms, you need to raise a flag. That means adjusting your keyword strategy so that your content is more likely to get returned in search results as increasingly desperate family members try to find gift and dinner ideas.

If your business has a physical location you can also increase your chances of getting customers in the door by optimising for local SEO. Ensuring that your site is mobile friendly and your location is updated in Google Maps will help you to rank better for ‘near me searches’.

People live on their smartphones these days and an increasingly large share of searches is moving to mobile. If someone is out on their lunch break and wants to find a gift for their Dad they might search for ‘electronics stores near me’. If you’ve optimised for these searches the likelihood of this person seeing your business in the results and visiting your store are much higher.

Helpful, useful and emotional content

With limited time on their hands, your audience is looking to make their search as easy as possible. You could do this by writing gift guides that include links to your products. Remember though that while conversions are the main goal, providing something helpful to your consumers will pay off in the long run with familiarity with your brand and return visitors.

To further help build the connection with your potential customers the best method is to make them feel something. Father’s Day is already an emotional event – you can use those emotions to build your content. This video by PGA Tour Superstore made a huge impact on its audience with over 43 thousand views.

What’s the desired outcome?

Consider your goals before creating your content so you can encourage your desired outcome. Obviously, conversions are a high priority, so if you’re looking to make major sales from Father’s Day then make sure your content is pushing customers down the sales funnel and directing them where they need to go to make a purchase. Keep in mind however that unlike page views, Father’s Day comes second in regards to sales figures, bringing in an expected $14.3 billion in 2016, as opposed to $21.4 billion for Mother’s Day.

You may not get the customer over the line this time, but you can get on their radar for when they’re ready to make a purchase. This doesn’t just apply to the gift givers, you can get Dad’s attention with your campaigns as well. Consider offering some demonstrations or trials of your product for Father’s Day weekend, and use your social platforms to let people know about it. It may not be the right time for them to purchase, but if they spend a day getting a free massage, test driving a car or trying out the latest Xbox, they may just come back another time with their wallet ready.

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