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Law firm sues its SEO company for dodgy links

Online marketing has transformed significantly over the past few years. Brands now have to prove their legitimacy and value to search engines if they want to get a good ranking.

As a result, many businesses are spending big on online content or paid advertising, all with the hopes of connecting with consumers.

Despite these changes, there are still some that prefer to cheat the system by using dodgy techniques to get ahead.

An SEO company, The Rainmaker Institute, is currently being sued by one of its former clients for conspiracy and fraud.

The client – US law firm Seikaly & Stewart – is suing the company for allegedly using spammy techniques and creating ‘Link Farms’ on their behalf, according to Eric Goldman.

The SEO company reportedly created 6,720 links, the majority of which were deemed “worthless”. In fact, only 188 of the links, or 2.8 per cent, were of use.

The law firm claims the accused were well aware they were violating Google’s widely-publicised guidelines.

Over the past few years Google has become more adept at enforcing its guidelines, rolling out the Penguin and Panda algorithms specifically designed to spot dodgy links and poorly-written content.

But one of the major problems with today’s internet is the lack of laws in place. Google is left to police the internet itself, penalising dodgy sites with bad rankings.

Although this is clearly unfortunate for Seikaly & Stewart, their move to go public by suing the SEO company seems like a smart move.

There have recently been a number of high-profile businesses penalised by Google for violating its guidelines, and subsequently losing rankings.

This clearly shows businesses need to be informed on the proper practices of digital marketing, and to play an active role in what exactly the outsourced company is doing for them.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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