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Laying down the advantages of social media for businesses

You’ve probably seen the social media success stories of brands such as Dove, Oreo and Old Spice, but has your company not quite taken up the online tools available?

Businesses of varying sizes, from small home-based companies to large enterprises, have taken advantage of the opportunities social media offers them, building larger customer bases, increasing their revenue and creating better brand awareness.

An infographic from Best Web Hosting Geek reveals that almost half (43 per cent) of all consumers are social media fans or followers.

The benefits of Facebook campaigns and advertisements were also highlighted, with 20 per cent of Facebook users purchasing an item because of the ads or comments they saw on the website.

Other important statistics from the infographic reveal that over two-thirds (67 per cent) of Twitter users are more likely to buy brands that they follow, and just under half of Facebook users have mentioned a brand in their status update.

This demonstrates the influence social media platforms can have on consumer purchasing decisions, which is why it’s essential that your company jumps on the social media marketing bandwagon!

A Radiate Media infographic, Why Go Social?, reveals that a large majority of small businesses (78 per cent) now get at least one-quarter of new customers via social media.

It’s not only a heap of new customers that you can benefit from with your social media strategy, with opportunities also available to increase traffic to your company website, develop targeted marketing activities, gain improved insights about your target markets, and foster better customer loyalty.

Other advantages of being active online include cost-effective advertising, the ability to gauge customer feedback and being able to make your products available to potential customers all hours of the day.

Posted by April Revake.