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Learn from these 3 Aussie Brands

Learn from these 3 Aussie brands that are nailing their content marketing

Many Australian businesses are just sinking their teeth into the content marketing game. For the first time this year, more than half of Australian businesses reported having a web presence at all, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – let alone a site packed with diverse, valuable content!

If you’re looking to up your web presence, quality content is essential, but where to start? There’s more than a few lessons to be learned from these three Australian brands that are absolutely nailing their content marketing.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

We know what you’re thinking – taxation, really? The topic may seem bland, but the fact that the ATO has made their site incredibly engaging is a testament to this government bureau’s comprehensive content strategy.

What they’re doing well:

Resources, resources, resources, and not just thrown out there. When you visit the homepage, you’re immediately greeted with a banner asking you to identify as an individual, a business, a not-for-profit, a tax professional and so on. Depending on your response there are heaps of relevant landing pages covering any question a user could have, often with videos, infographics and other custom images.

Consider, the landing page ‘Lodging your first tax return.’ Formatting follows function with crystal clear bullets, numbered instructions, video and a button for ‘Create a myGov account now,’ which – for a government agency – equates to conversion.

Solid landing pages are also complemented by a small business blog, a tax professionals’ newsletter and a range of other cool content.

What you can learn:

Your budget might be marginal compared to the ATO’s, but their website is proof that any content can be engaging. The ATO’s content strategy also makes clear that user-friendliness is key. When Australians have a question about taxation, the ATO answers it. Can you say the same about your site?

Jucy Car Rentals

If we were planning an epic Australian road trip and stumbled upon Jucy’s website, it would be our last stop. That’s because Jucy’s Australian site is a one-stop-shop for anyone planning an adventure Down Under.

What they’re doing well:

Like the ATO, Jucy’s site is packed with helpful resources, including driving tips, advice for cooking in campers and a general packing list.

Jucy understands their audience – young people – and has stuffed their site with relevant content, including a massive social hub linking to the company’s Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and Twitter accounts.

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Their blog is what really blows us away, however, with headlines that make you want to pack your bags and hit the road … in a Jucy van of course! Topics are incredibly diverse – from recipes for ‘Chili and cumin griddle scones’ to ‘Why road trips are good for relationships’ – and they’re all relevant and engaging for Jucy’s target audience.

What you can learn:

For Australian businesses looking to start a blog, don’t be afraid to stray away from the products and services you offer. If your articles are fun and interesting, they’ll keep your customers on your page and frame you as an industry expert.

Kayla Itsines

This Adelaide-based personal trainer is a true testament to the power of social media. Itsines has used her cyber celebrity – she currently has 7.2 million followers on Instagram – to become one of the biggest (and most successful) names in fitness. Her website is packed with excellent content built not only upon her products and services, but her own personal brand as well.

What she’s doing well:

To compare Itsines to other Instagram fitness personalities who make their money through product sponsorships would be truly unfair to this influential and talented trainer who has designed workout and diet plans, written books, created apps, designed a fitness products line and curated one of the biggest online fitness communities in the world.

There are a lot of things Itsines does very well on her website, but two stand out points are:

  1. Her content is consistent with her brand

Kayla Itsines has been so successful because her customers are also her fans. She doesn’t forget this on her website, and content about the star is everywhere, including an ‘About Kayla Itsines’ landing page, and blog posts about things as personal as her recent holiday to Greece.

  1. She offers downloadable, high value content

Itsines’ diet and exercise plans are all available as downloadable e-books. One of the major metrics of a content marketing strategy’s performance is the number of downloads – they’re a great tool for building engagement and moving an audience down the funnel.

What you can learn:

For Itsines, there’s an obvious financial benefit of someone downloading one of her e-books which cost between $75 and $130, but even free e-books can up the return on your content marketing by helping you generate traffic, gain authority and convert visitors into sales over time.

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