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Learn to use Twitter like a top 100 brand

With over 280 million monthly active users generating a total of more than 500 million tweets per day, Twitter has become a central pillar of many a social media marketing campaign.

But even though most brands will have some kind of Twitter presence these days they won’t necessarily be exploiting its full potential.

So, if you’re keen for each tweet to pack a bigger punch, why not pick up some tips from the world’s most successful businesses?

A recent study by Simply Measured analysed the tweeting behaviour of almost 150,000 tweets from Interbrand’s Top 100 global brands. This is a summary of the findings:

How often do they tweet?

These top 100 brands post everyday -well, at least 95 per cent of them do – an increase of 3 per cent since 2013.

The study revealed that 82 per cent of brands believe between one and six tweets a day is a healthy amount of tweets, while only 6 per cent said more than 10 is okay, not including replies and retweets.

Do they monitor their tweets?

Interacting with users is incredibly important to these brands, with 91 per cent of brands replying to users at least once during Q4 2014.

In fact, 68 per cent of all tweets posted by these brands were replies, with an impressive 48 per cent of brands replying to at least one tweet per day.

How many hashtags do they use?

Slapping on at least one hashtag at the end of a tweet is a common practice with the top brands. The research showed 82,127 out of the 150,000 or so tweets included hashtags, an increase of 58 per cent from Q4 2013.

However, these brands are choosing quality over quantity. Only 30 per cent included more than one hashtag per tweet, a decrease of 4 per cent since the last survey.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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