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Let the Twitter Olympics begin! Social media gets a workout with the London Games

The London Games has created a huge online buzz with fresh content constantly available from sports fans, patriots and the athletes themselves.

Often dubbed by many as the social media Olympics, the Opening Ceremony proved to be a big hit in the Twittersphere and Facebook dome, with 19 per cent of all social media conversations focused on the event.

A word cloud on the official London Games website shows the popular phrases shared in social media discussions on the opening event, with London 2012, rt (retweet), Danny Boyle, Beckham, Queen and Bean coming out as the highest ranked words.

The general consensus of how Britain felt about the Opening Ceremony was also measured, where they were asked to describe their feelings in one word with a majority of Britons commenting that they were 'proud' and thought that the event was 'amazing'.

An infographic from digital marketing group iProspect has explored the growth of technology and growing presence of social media in our everyday lives, comparing our consumption of this years Olympics to the Beijing games in 2008.

The infographic revealed that all events are to be live-streamed for the first time ever, with hours of coverage increasing from 2,500 to 5,530 this year.

Other interesting statistics show that in the last four years Facebook membership has grown by 901 per cent, Twitter accounts have increased by a staggering 29,900 per cent and the tweets per day have gone up by 12,627 per cent – which also signals the value of social media marketing for companies and organisations.

Some sports fans have used the social networking platform to shower their country's athletes with praise and support – or in some small cases with insults.

Our connectivity habits and the way in which we receive news, videos and content has also dramatically changed since the last Olympics, with the use of smartphones rising by 456 per cent and the introduction of tablets, which weren't present in the time of the Beijing games.

Posted by April Revake