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Leveson: Lack of social media knowledge dangerous

People are unaware of the implications of uploading content to social media, according to Lord Brian Leveson.

Speaking to a privacy seminar on Friday (December 7), the man who led the inquiry into the UK's media has outlined the dangers people face when they use the internet and social media without fully understanding it, Fairfax reported.

He commented: "Children and the young do not appreciate that uploading a compromising photograph for a laugh can have consequences for the long-term future, because once the photograph is in the public domain, it can be found, copied and reproduced, all, again, at the click of the mouse.

"It will be difficult if not impossible to retrieve every copy and in years to come it is likely that it will still be there for a determined researcher to uncover."

Speaking at the seminar for the Communications Law Centre with the University of Technology, Sydney, he warned that there can be dangerous Twitter campaigns whereby irreparable damage can be done.

Given the boom of the internet, he predicted that new laws would have to be created to deal with this ever-changing sphere.

Lord Leveson went on to say there is a feeling that people can post what they wish without being responsible or accountable.

This is typified by motoring celebrity Jeremy Clarkson who has published on Twitter the car brand and license plate of any driver who annoyed him on his commutes.

He has openly admitted to doing so because he felt there would be no repercussions in the online world as opposed to writing them down in his newspaper columns.

Clarkson said in his magazine piece: "It's a libel-free world out there in the electronosphere."