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Like sharing photos and new content? This site will make you LoveIt!

Visual platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr are valuable assets in any content marketing strategy, garnering the interest of social media users who want to view and share fresh content.

A new site named LoveIt is climbing the visual platform ranks, and is definitely one to watch.

Drawing comparisons to Pinterest, LoveIt allows people to "discover, collect, organize and share the things they love via public or private collections" using powerful and collaborative tools.

It is a lot like Pinterest in that it is a web destination for people to share their interests and also take inspiration from the ideas posted. This includes delicious recipes to try, the new fashion trends fresh off the runway and other original content that rouses the interests of users.

The creators understand that it is a familiar layout to other visual platforms, but they say they've used this because it's an easy format for people to use – which will mean people can engage with their site much quicker!

LoveIt has set out their points on what they think makes them different, marking it down to the ideas of discovery, organization, collaboration and community.

The first three points are relatable to Pinterest, though their idea of building a community is one that may differentiate them.

The website will be heavily engaged with their online community, where they'll be "chatting, listening and responding" to friends and followers on LoveIt and will be active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Help videos offering tips have also been uploaded on the LoveIt YouTube channel to help new users to navigate the website.

Though the website is still in early stages and is relatively new, their idea of building a LoveIt community may be of value to your social media strategy.

These communities within LoveIt may be a way for your company to reach your target audience, with specific groups related to your industry area – so it may be time for you to jump onto the LoveIt bandwagon!