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Link building with original content

An important part of any online marketing strategy is attracting inbound links. Links from a good number of well-regarded sites will not only send you traffic, it will tell Google and other leading search engines that you deserve a bump in the rankings.

The debate around the best link-building strategy is pretty intense, which you'll know if you've browsed any relevant forums or read through the comment rolls of particularly opinionated blog posts.

Submitting your site to directories and publishing content on article marketing websites can both be good sources of valuable link juice, but it's important to pick your sites carefully.

While there are some decent general directories (such as the Yahoo Directory and the Open Directory Project) you'll need to find niche directories suitable for your industry or location.

For Geographical submissions, Google Places is a good starting point. As a Sydney-based firm, we've also recently been looking at the Australian Index, Hotfrog, Start Local and the Local Business Guide.

As a provider of customised news stories and blogs we will always advocate original content as a means of attracting links. A regularly-updated blog gives other sites something new and interesting worth linking to and it also creates additional submission opportunities.

Local sites that we've considered include Loaded Web – the global blog & business directory and the Blogadr Blog Directory. You might also consider Blog Catalog, which is certainly the best-presented blog directory we've seen, and, if you're big on Facebook, check out Networked Blogs.

Submitting individual articles to article marketing sites is an established link-building tactic. If you can find user-oriented and relevant article marketing sites, you can use your original content to drive traffic and link credit back to your site.

MyBlogGuest, provides an interesting twist on the traditional article marketing model by pairing up bloggers and blog owners. It's certainly a good way to find out who's blogging in your particular area even if you don't use it to offer articles or commissions.