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LinkedIn hits the big 3 million mark with company pages

Along with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest, LinkedIn has become a key website for millions of companies due to its social media marketing potential.

LinkedIn's monetisation product manager Aviad Pinkovezky revealed on June 27 that the online professionals network has had more than three million businesses create company pages, connecting over 225 million users worldwide.

Almost 150 industries are represented on LinkedIn, with companies coming from locations as remote as Antarctica, Tonga and the Western Sahara.

Mr Pinkovezky notes that companies such as Virgin Media and Mashable have established "robust relationships" with their followers, informing them about industry best practices, engaging them with posts about hot trends and giving a behind-the-scenes look at company culture.

"Following a company on LinkedIn is a great way to stay up to date on your favorite brands and have a direct conversation with companies you’re interested in," Mr Pinkovesky posted on the LinkedIn blog.

It can also be helpful for companies looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in specialised industries, giving them a platform from which to offer advice, tips and other handy hints.

This may also be beneficial to your social media strategy, with LinkedIn article posts able to be easily shared across your other social networks.

The LinkedIn infographic, 3 million company pages, identifies company branding (inside looks and interviews), employment branding and career opportunities, tips and best practices, and fun facts and quotes as the updates that get the most action.

Website Linked Into Business has offered some tips on how you can become more successful on LinkedIn, with one piece of handy advice being to treat your profile like a website.

This simply means making sure that your company LinkedIn profile is "formatted, clean, and free of spelling and grammatical errors".

It is a good idea to create your profile in a Word document first, so that you can quickly identify any errors and get a better idea of what it will look like on the LinkedIn website.

"Another bonus, if you’ve already created your profile in a Word document, sections of it can easily be copied into other social media platforms to keep your branding unified," Linked Into Business writes.

Posted by April Revake.