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LinkedIn introduces university pages

LinkedIn is the latest social networking site to expand its offering, this time as it introduces university pages.

Although the site had previously appealed to professionals hoping to connect with contacts both past and present, the university pages open up similar opportunities to students.

They include a number of features that are expected to benefit not only existing students, but also those who hope to attend university in the future.

This creates real opportunities for anyone using social media marketing to target students, or those who are considering attending university.

LinkedIn is using the pages to provide regular updates on campus news, as well as give students the chance to ask questions and engage with the institutions directly.

Users can also log on to see which notable alumni graduated from their university of choice, giving them something to aspire to as they start their own degree.

There is even the option to see what previous graduates have gone on to achieve in their lines of work, as well as the skills they have gained and where they have ended up living as a result of their degree.

Much like the standard version of LinkedIn, university pages give the opportunity to create networks with their peers – and once they have left, stay in touch with fellow alumni.

As of September 12, LinkedIn will also be made available to high school students for the first time, as the site hopes that they will use its features to investigate universities and future career options.

In Australia, anyone aged 14 or over will be granted access to the site, although special safeguards have been put in place to protect these users.

For example, different default settings will limit which information can be viewed by the public and to block any unwanted communications.

A link to the safety and family centre has also been created so there is easy access to information on how to safely use the site.

Posted by Emma Furze