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LinkedIn now provides customised news to its users

As the popular social networking site LinkedIn continues to grow in popularity, its users are beginning to expect more from it. It is now not only for professionals wanting to connect with friends and family, or for businesses conducting content marketing, but it has also become a provider of news.

LinkedIn is one of the world’s most well-known social media platforms, with millions of professionals sharing their skills and work experience with friends and colleagues. Up until now, the site had a news section called LinkedIn Today which covered all different topics, from interviews with influential businesspeople to tips for job-seekers.

As of this week, LinkedIn Today has been replaced by Pulse, a mobile application that allows its users to customise their news feeds. LinkedIn purchased the popular mobile app in April of this year, and has linked the two sites together.

The news section now provides relevant news for LinkedIn users depending on their profession, interests or companies they are following. Users are also able to customise their news feeds from other news providers depending on their own personal interests.

Also, it is now possible to like and comment on news articles and share them with connections.

Users wanting to operate the Pulse app on their mobile devices can do so by logging in with their LinkedIn profile. The two sites are fully synchronised so users can modify their settings on both.

LinkedIn is incredibly popular with Australians, with over 5 million individuals active on the site, according to Social Bakers. The social networking site is also favoured by Australian businesses, with 67 per cent of Australian marketers using LinkedIn to promote their business, reported the The Content Marketing Institute.

Businesses looking to increase brand awareness should definitely incorporate LinkedIn into their social media strategy. Companies can connect with customers or clients, post links to their corporate blogs, and appear in search rankings related to their industry.

Posted by Dylan Brown