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LinkedIn, Pinterest and Myspace networks likely to grow experts say

Facebook and Twitter at the two platforms that are often emphasised in any company’s social media strategy, but marketing experts consistently identified Pinterest, Slideshare, LinkedIn and Myspace as primed for growth in 2013.

A Dell eBook survey, asked a number of marketers what their predictions for social media marketing in 2013 would be, with Facebook and Twitter notably absent from their list of social networks expected to grow.

Author and senior director of strategy for Empathy Lab Valeria Maltoni said that she expects Facebook will experience a slowdown while Google Plus will continue to grow.

“That’s because people will figure out they can get more done with Google Plus because Google brings together content, search, with sharing, and several productivity tools like Calendar, the frictionless ability to launch/join a Hangout video conference even from Gmail with the ability to embed a Google Docs file,” Maltoni noted in the eBook, Social Media Predictions for 2013.

Founder of Small Business Trends Anita Campbell is also expecting the growth of Google Plus, stating that it is primed to grow because you “can’t afford to ignore it”.

Campbell says its shaping up to be much more, with Google tying the social platform to other products such as local search and using it is a ‘signal’ in search results.

LinkedIn was picked out as ‘poised for growth’ by chief content officer of MarketingProfs Ann Hadley, who said she has “long held” the network as the “dark horse of the social sweepstakes”.

Hadley noted that LinkedIn – surpassing Twitter – is now the social media channel of choice among B2B marketers for content distribution, with 83 per cent of them using it, followed by the 80 per cent who employ the services of Twitter.

You may want to consider refreshing your business content strategy to ensure that you are keeping up with your audiences and switching onto the platforms that they currently – or in the future will – engage in.

Posted by April Revake.