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Why LinkedIn is the best bet for B2Bs

When most people think of social media marketing, they automatically think Facebook, but the truth is some social platforms are better suited at targeting specific target audiences than others.

For instance, Pinterest has significantly more female users than males, while Instagram and Snapchat are far more popular with younger users.

Many B2Bs have found the professional networking site LinkedIn is a far better platform to connect with B2B buyers.

LinkedIn gives brands the opportunity to connect with other professionals or businesses in their chosen field.

A recent study by IDC, sponsored by LinkedIn, found the majority of B2B Buyers have become equally reliant on the site when making purchases.

The study revealed an impressive three-quarters of all B2B buyers turn to social networking sites during the decision making process.

It was also discovered that 84 per cent of C-Level staff allow social media to impact their purchasing decisions.

Online professional networks, such as LinkedIn, are the preferred social networking sites in the final stages of the purchasing process.

B2B buyers use social networking sites such as LinkedIn to gain confidence and comfort in their decisions before going ahead with their purchases.

In fact, the study found B2B buyers have a much greater span of control in their purchasing decisions if they use social media as a resource.

Therefore, it is a good idea for B2Bs to make the most of sites like LinkedIn to demonstrate their industry expertise.

Currently, 91 per cent of B2B marketers are active on LinkedIn, and 62 per cent believe it’s effective, according to the Content Marketing Institute,

Brands that can develop a content strategy designed to convince these B2B buyers that their service is essential will definitely reap the rewards.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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