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LinkedIn shares top social media tips for businesses

On your company's to-do list for January, you might find reviewing and updating your content marketing strategy among one of the tasks to complete, especially with social media marketing trends always changing and evolving!

If you're company hasn't got an adequate social media strategy in place, then it's time you hop to it!

There's scores of people to reach on social media, with Facebook boasting over one billion users, Twitter containing over 400 million accounts and LinkedIn having over 200 million users.

A blog post on LinkedIn by chief executive officer and founder at Likeable Local, Dave Kerpen, pointed out that for many business owners they are tempted to use these social networks to "promote themselves and broadcast their messages".

But Kerpen says that you need to "stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a customer" to understand that the key to social media is in being human – with an emphasis more on 'social' than on 'media'.

"The secret is to simply be likeable," Kerpen states.

So how can businesses go about doing this? By employing a strategy that makes your social media page one that is "authentic and honest", tells fantastic stories, has an interest in others and "listens attentively" – responding to questions of followers and addressing comments posted on the page.

Kerpen offered some great tips – adapted from a post on the Duct Tape Marketing Blog – on how businesses can become more likeable on social media.

Post pictures and videos!

One easy way to engage followers with one look is through a picture, so make sure to get sharing!

Kerpen said that the biggest reason for Facebook's membership growing to a billion users in seven years is photos.

"Photos and videos tell stories about you in ways that text alone cannot," he says.

It doesn't always have to be something that is strictly business-related. Engage interest by maybe posting pictures from a fun themed work party, or sharing images from other cool happenings at your business.

Allow at least 30 minutes daily for your social media pages

Your business social media pages need to be monitored and updated daily to ensure that its up to date with trends and changes, and to also keep your followers interested in your content.

Posting a status or photo less than once a week really isn't ideal, so make sure to give a bit of time everyday to make sure you're looking for new opportunities to better your social networks.

Posted by April Revake.