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Local searches peak from lunchtime missions

New insights into search engine traffic has revealed that local searches tend to peak during office hours – at lunchtime.

Chitika Insights have released the results of a study that looks into online search habits in an attempt to understand people's browsing habits.

The researchers tracked local searches performed over time, with the eventual goal of developing advertising and social media strategy tailored to suit certain habits. The study took into account the use of both mobile devices and traditional networking platforms.

What they found is that local searches – queries for businesses and services within a certain distance – makes up the majority of traffic between 10:00 and 13:00.

From this it can be inferred that lunchtime is browsing time, with office workers making use of their break to find mealtime venues or make quick missions to nearby businesses .

In the afternoon the local search traffic drops off dramatically, probably as people return to their tasks. The next drop is at 17:00 when workers are likely to leave the office.

Unsurprisingly, these tend to die off almost entirely between 23:00 and 08:00, when they start to rise up again.

The largest increase in local search traffic occurs between 11:00 and 12:00, accounting for up to 20 per cent of total daily queries.

Interestingly, the percentage of local searches conducted outside of business hours is almost non-existent, with the bulk of people looking for neighbourhood businesses doing so between 09:00 and 17:00.

Companies have long known the potential power that social media can have when influencing potential customers who are in the vicinity.

It could be that a one-off special deal promoted to patrons through Twitter or Facebook at peak search times could have an immediate impact of sales – especially if it coincides with traditional employee meal breaks.