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Maintaining a professional image on social media

Just yesterday we posted a blog on the importance of protecting your privacy on social media, after several LinkedIn passwords were leaked by hackers.

And now today the antics of two of our Olympic swimmers remind us that sometimes it is a good idea to maintain a professional image online.

Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk posted a photo of themselves on Monk's Facebook page posing with guns in what appeared to be a United States firearms store.

While a picture like this would have gone relatively unnoticed on your average Facebook user's account, it has hit the news because D'Arcy and Monk are public faces – and considered by many to be role models.

They were ordered to immediately remove the photo as it was in breach of their Swimming Australia contract.

Shortly after the picture surfaced the chef de mission of the Australian Olympic Committee Nick Green issued a statement outlining the reasons why the posting was "foolish".

"These postings today are foolish and clearly inappropriate for members of the 2012 Australian Olympic Team," he said in a statement (June 7).

Mr Green also explained that all Olympic athletes had a social media clause in their contract.

"Anything that is not in the Olympic spirit, or does not follow our guidelines will come down. There is no such thing as privacy on social media. Anything that is put up will be in the public domain," he asserted.

If your business has a Facebook or Twitter page, then you may want to think about putting in place a social media strategy.

By simply brainstorming what original content is appropriate to post online – and what is not – you may avoid putting up anything offensive.

It is also a good opportunity to do a little bit of research into your target market and improve your approach to social media marketing.

Posted by Jess O'Connor