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Making the case for original content

We’ve just had our speaking gig confirmed for next month at the Online Marketer Bootcamp event in Sydney.

We’ll be speaking about creating content for the web, which will be similar to the presentation we gave at SMX Sydney earlier this year. Work has begun on refreshing the slide deck, which we’ll post on SlideShare after the event.

The presentation will look at the benefits of investing in original content, from boosting your organic search performance to improving the overall user experience for your visitors.

We’ll talk about why any organisation with an online presence needs a content strategy and provide some tips and examples for website owners and marketers.

What we’re seeing is growing interest not just in driving online revenues, but also doing it with original content.

When it comes to ranking higher in natural search results, converting more visitors and ultimately benefitting the bottom line, original content is really at the heart of everything, which is a message that’s being heard loud and clear by Australia’s savvier online marketers.

Google’s algorithm with its 200 or so ranking factors may be a complex and mysterious mathematical formula, but what it’s trying to achieve is quite simple.

If your site features pages of useful, original and relevant content and you’re following best practice (and white hat) SEO techniques, you can win more traffic, you can keep your visitors for longer and you can get more of them clicking on your calls-to-action.

With your own content, you can add value to your site and you also open the door to a range of online marketing activities, such as social media, email newsletters and article marketing.

Our presentation on content creation for search is scheduled for 10am on August 19th at the Sheraton Hotel in Darling Harbour.