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Making your content more shareable on Pinterest

Anyone who has their finger on the social media marketing pulse can't help but have noticed that Pinterest is big business at the moment – but how can the site be used to your company's advantage?

After all, the site is about far more than sharing interior design ideas and pictures of cute animals, as it can have real value for online marketers.

We've put together some ideas of how you can give your Pinterest content that little extra zing, which should make it more shareable among users.

Identify your target audience

Any company or brand should have a fairly good idea of who its target audience is, which should give some bearing to the type of content that is posted on Pinterest.

One thing that can be said about the world of social media is that if people don't like something, they will be pretty quick to turn their backs on it, so the trick is to keep them engaged.

You might want to invest some time in looking at what appeals to your target follower – do they have certain aspirations? What trends are they following at the moment?

Optimise your pages

Pinterest should be treated in much the same way as any other online content strategy, which means making sure that pages are optimised for search.

Think carefully about the keywords you incorporate into board titles and pin descriptions, as this will help you gain more followers and improve your visibility on the site.

Create share buttons on your website

The chances are that people will find out about your Pinterest page through your website, so make sure they know where to find you.

Embedding share buttons is a great way to achieve this – bear in mind that people these days are generally time poor, so making it as easy for them to pin images as possible is essential!

Posted by Emma Furze