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Making your Twitter followers love you and your content

Twitter has long been the social platform to share our thoughts and opinions with people worldwide, and is particularly handy in finding fresh and original content.

Many hearts were broken around the world today (August 22), with One Direction band member Zayn Malik calling it quits on Twitter.

No he hadn't left the band, but had decided to delete his Twitter page after receiving too much attention (and opinions) from what was reported by the Mirror as five million followers – with 'Zayn' currently trending worldwide.

This demonstrates the huge impact that Twitter has on audiences, and the sense of engagement that it has with followers, developing what can be interpreted to be an intimate bond.

This friendly 'bond' can be broken by annoying habits such as too much content being posted at one time or a lot of 'spammy', third party-like tweets.

Here are some tips on how you can build your Twitter campaigns – so your company can make steps to building a loyal following like Zayn's.

Hello followers, this is the retweet button!

Promotion comes easy through twitter, with most of the work being done through the function of 're-tweeting'.

Introduce your followers to the retweet button and encourage them to use it, to promote your content to their followers and beyond.

You have to show that you're 'in the know' with Twitter so ensure to use 'RT' instead of retweet, otherwise your followers will know your not down with the lingo – and you want them to have confidence in your company!

Post engaging and relevant content

Nothing turns a follower off more than spam! Make sure the content you post is relevant and most importantly interesting.

If it is a hot topic that everybody is talking about, approach the subject at a new angle, give it a fresh spin, otherwise your content will be overlooked and lost among the masses.

Follow people in your company's area

When you follow someone, generally they follow you back – so you can get your company brand out there by following relevant people and brands who post similar content.

They may go through your tweets and find information useful for them, in return retweeting or mentioning your content.

Posted by April Revake.