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Manteresting: Will the male version of Pinterest pick up?

Social image-sharing platform Pinterest is a website that is useful to a number of industries including travel and tourism, retail and automotives, as it can prove to be very beneficial to a content marketing strategy.

Posting images of your clothing brand’s latest range or your car company’s latest sedan on Pinterest can help to raise more awareness of your products, and if a user happens to click on the link, they’ll be directed straight back to your website, generating more traffic.

But are you reaching your prime target audience on Pinterest? According to an infographic from Fast Company’s Co.Design nearly 80 per cent of the audience is female.

One website has aimed to attract the male audience that is lacking on Pinterest, creating ‘Manteresting‘.

Instead of encountering pictures of cupcakes, makeup tutorials and decorations for wedding receptions, Manteresting displays images that would interest the ‘typical bloke’ with categories such as outdoors and camping, ‘manly things’, cars and motorcycles, and gaming.

While you pin images to your boards on Pinterest, Manteresting has users ‘nail’ images to their ‘workbenches’.

The like feature on images is also referred to as ‘bumps’ with repins known as ‘renails’.

“The site is set up similarly to Pinterest, so if you’ve already been pinnin’, you should feel right at home,” Jason Duaine Hahn wrote in a Complex Tech article.

“Except, gone is the soft grey background of the Pinterest universe – it’s been replaced by a charcoal wood grain background.”

The website has also made a number of changes recently including making it much more ‘interaction-friendly’, embedding nails directly from your website to Manteresting with a convenient nailit tool, better Facebook integration with timeline publishing and better reporting.

Is Manteresting one website you could see yourself adding to your social media strategy?

Posted by April Revake.