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Many businesses struggling to execute a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is an effective way to attract online traffic and potentially gain new customers. Although many businesses have recognised this and established an online presence, many companies are failing to execute an effective content marketing strategy.

A recent study by Axonn media demonstrates how popular content marketing has become, with nine out of 10 businesses adopting the the strategy. For the study, researchers interviewed 424 marketers in the UK, 93 per cent of whom said they are familiar with the technique.

Almost three-quarters of the interviewees believed content marketing has increased traffic to their website, while 55 per cent attributed content marketing to an increase in sales. The most popular form of online content was social media, followed closely by email campaigns, news articles and blog posts.

Despite the increase in businesses producing online content, many marketers are struggling to execute their content strategy. Two thirds of those interviewed said this was due to a lack of resources and expertise.

Australia is in a similar position to the UK. An average of 96 per cent of businesses Down Under embrace content marketing, according to a study earlier this year by the Content Marketing Institute.

Article writing proved to be the most popular form of online content in Australia (88 per cent), followed closely by social media (83 per cent).

Although many Australian businesses have adopted content marketing, only 29 per cent believed it was ‘effective’ or ‘very effective’. The study also found 74 per cent of Australian companies chose to outsource their content.

The main problem marketers are having is producing enough content that is also engaging to readers. However, many businesses in Australia say they are planning on increasing their content marketing budgets over the next year.

Posted by Dylan Brown