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How many screens does one person need? This and more with our own Cam Nealie

Cam Nealie comes to Castleford with experience as a video editor at 3news and Warner Brothers. He also has a knack for finding solutions and improving systems – something that’s come in handy in his new role as the Head of Operations and Business Improvement.

You’ve recently been promoted to Head of Operations and Business Improvement. What’s your favourite part of this new role? The coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I get a kick out of fixing and improving things. When I first came in, there was a lot of admin work being done keeping track of what we’re doing, so I ended up cracking into that first. I made a new system where we could track and update our job requests much more easily, and I manage that process now – hence the ‘operations’ part of the role!

The autonomy to be able to see an issue, outline it and fix it is what I love about this job. Right now I’m working on an integration with Trello so our customers’ tech issues can be discussed faster and we can more easily prioritise work internally. We send content to around 200 websites across our customer base, so there is always something urgent that needs fixing. Giving the tools to our dev department to be able to discuss and prioritize tickets will be a big help I’m sure.

What were you doing before you joined us at Castleford?

Before this I was a Video Editor – which is its own kind of problem solving. I started at 3news, did a stint at Warner Bros (it was called Eyeworks back then), and worked for a while at a freelance recruitment agency.

I’m currently counting four screens on your desk – is four the optimal number? Or would you have more if you could? And, of course, what’s your desktop background?

It’s a bit boring but I never see the desktop background – it’s the default!

Yeah, yeah, people like to comment on my screens – when I was a video editor, multiple screens was the norm so I’m pretty used to it. This was my first battlestation at 3news:

cam's old desk

Yes I do need all four screens! Especially when I’m coding app scripts where I’ll have the raw code open on one screen, the front end open on another, reference material on the third and my emails on the fourth.

What’s your theme song?

When I was a kid my brother and I used to play this game called Interstate ‘76, it had this wicked instrumental funk backing track – still gives me goosebumps.

Gifs are big here at Castleford – do you have a favourite?

I have noticed that!

I’m an automation nut, so naturally I wrote a script to access the giphy API and pull a random gif based on a keyword. I use it in a few places around the production system here at Castleford, where writers or strategists interact with it.

For example, I have an automated email that goes out to various teams when deadlines are approaching. Today’s gif was this.

Personally, I’m more of a stock photo kind of guy.

cam fav gif

You and Stefanie Roberts seem to have quite a bit of banter throughout the day – what’s the secret to a successful desk neighbour relationship?

Stefanie is in charge of the Strategists, and most of my work affects her team directly. So, most of that ‘banter’ is me using her as a guinea pig on some new script or process I’m working on.

What’s the secret to a successful desk neighbour relationship? Noise cancelling headphones. Stefanie tends to get excited when she’s on the phone.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the leading role?

Karl Pilkington

cam karl plinkington cam

It would be a challenging role for him but I’d be interested to see where he takes it.



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