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SMEs plan to increase their digital presence this year

As the internet has continued to become an integral part of modern-day society, many businesses have focused attention online to capture the attention of consumers.

But building a strong online presence is not an easy feat, which is why content marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

And this is the primary objective for many small and medium businesses in Australia this year.

The latest Sensis® Business Index survey, which interviewed 18,000 SMEs across Australia about their business plans for 2014, and 47 per cent said their top business plan was to increase their digital presence.

Although this was a decrease of two per cent since the last survey six months prior, it’s the same number as it was at the beginning of last year.

The study found the region most likely to be looking to build their digital presence was Tasmania, with 60 per cent of SMEs in the region saying it was their top priority this year. SMEs in South Australia and Victoria also listed this as their top business plan.

The industry most likely to be interested in building a digital presence is the hospitality sector, in particular, cafés, restaurants accommodation providers.

Another major plan SMEs have for this year is to increase social media activity, with 33 per cent of respondents listing this as a priority.

As larger brands take to the internet to attract consumers, building a strong online presence has become incredibly important for small and medium enterprises wanting to keep up with the competition.

Producing online content is a great way to capture the attention of online consumers. Not only does it boost brand awareness, but it also increases search rankings and website traffic.

Australia has a strong content marketing adoption rate, with 93 per cent of businesses producing content according to the Content Marketing Institute.

But many Australian businesses still struggle to produce a wide range of content that is both engaging and useful to consumers. Therefore, increasing digital presence will not come easily to SMEs, but the results will undoubtedly be worth the effort.

Posted by Dylan Brown