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Marketers responsible for Twitter engagement

Have you ever wondered why some businesses have a thriving Twitter presence while others are left to flap away into cyberspace?

The key to mastering the social networking site, according to a new report, is customer engagement – which lies firmly on the shoulders of marketers.

Figures published in ExactTarget's newest Subscribers, Fans and Followers report, titled The Social Breakup, suggested that Twitter is the most polarising social networking site.

Nearly half of those who have created a Twitter account no longer use the service, the report claimed. But before you get discouraged, read on!

It turns out that those who do remain active on the micro-blogging site are among the most connected consumers on the web, checking Twitter, Facebook and their email accounts on a regular basis and even accessing social media on their mobile handsets.

The key to Twitter success, according to ExactTarget, is to keep your audience informed and engaged. Repetitive or boring tweets won't win you any fans in the cutthroat world of micro-blogging.

When it comes to Twitter, every single one of your 140 characters counts. You need to remember to keep fresh content rolling in regularly in order to engage your target market – otherwise, your online audience will begin to look elsewhere.

But if you can strike the perfect balance between regular communication and relevant content, you're well on your way to Twitter success.