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Matt Cutts: More Panda changes to come

Google is planning further changes to its algorithm in the coming weeks and months as it continues to target low quality sites.

The Panda update, first launched in the US in February and since rolled out to all English language searches, was far from the first major change to Google's algorithm, but it has proved more significant and more controversial than its predecessors.

Many Webmasters who have lost rankings as a result of the changes have been left scratching their heads, with some making their feelings known on Google's official Webmaster forum.

Matt Cutts, Google's chief spam hunter, said last night during a live YouTube Q&A that there had been two big changes to the algorithm as part of the Panda update along with a number of smaller iterations.

He made no mention of the negative impact Panda had had on some sites that appeared to be following Google's guidelines, but Cutts did say further tweaks were planned.

"We're going to keep iterating," he said. "We're going to keep looking for signals of quality, we're going to keep looking at the ways where if you are producing high quality content that users love then you will be ranking where you expect to rank."

Panda was intended to strip the rankings of sites publishing duplicate or low quality content.

Despite the complaints of site owners, particularly in the e-commerce sector, Google has stood by the changes and claims results of its manual domain blocker suggest it has hit the right areas.