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Mediocrity ‘not an option’ with email marketing

Email marketing is still very much an important tool for companies, but offering content that is uninspiring and irrelevant to the target audience is no longer an option.

This is according to Econsultancy's Email Marketing Industry Census, sponsored by Adestra, which found that more effort needs to be made when it comes to sending messages to potential customers.

Although email is a channel that can be used to drive sales and boost return on investment, the research found that many in-house marketers don't believe their campaigns are effective as they could be.

In fact, of those questioned, just 39 per cent of marketers working for companies ranked their campaigns as either excellent or good, while 15 per cent described them as poor.

Results also suggested that search engine optimisation and data are being neglected in favour of email design, which could mean their efforts are not as effective as they could be.

Another area for improvement is optimising email marketing campaigns so they can be viewed properly on mobile devices, especially as 70 per cent of companies are essentially ignoring their mobile visitors.

Instead, the report identified that businesses should be focused on delivering a sound content strategy, which means giving the public information they are likely to respond positively to.

Econsultancy figures show that 44 per cent of emails are read using webmail, compared to 33 per cent that are accessed via the desktop and 23 per cent through mobile devices.

With estimates suggesting that the internet reaches around 30 per cent of the global population – or more than two billion users worldwide – this is a large audience to be ignored.

With a sound content marketing and email strategy in place, there is real potential for companies to make their mark on the modern day consumer.

Posted by Emma Furze