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Meet the brains behind LDI: Q&A with Content Strategist, Libby Smart

Libby Smart, one of our excellent Content Strategists, takes some time out from her busy schedule to tell us about some of the challenges for content marketers, the importance of UX and the inspiration behind Libby’s Daily Infographics (LDI).

What do you like most about working at Castleford?

Hands down, the supportive nature of the team. Secondly, that we have great examples for everything we’re trying to convince clients to do. That’s a big help when we’re trying to get clients on board with a new strategy. Lastly, we have some fantastic clients, who are bright, talented and dare I say it: fun!! I love when speaking to them sometimes we end up chatting about silly things or they send me articles to read.

What’s the hot topic in content marketing right now?

Time vs results. Instant gratification is becoming a way of life and this has bled into content marketing. This is toxic within the organic traffic game, as the traffic is typically slower to build but attracts a far more engaged audience which is much more beneficial in the long run. My advice: stick it out but add diversity. I have seen the results of a long-term strategy and it is worth the wait.

You’re doing a UX course in the evenings. How’s that going?

UX is fantastic!! I’m really enjoying getting creative in the evenings and learning a new way of the thinking. I’ve learnt a bundle already and the course isn’t done yet. It’s a very exciting space to be in, as it is becoming more and more popular. We’re seeing cool new approaches to systems that makes it easier for the user. What is UX? Well, a user interface is like a joke. If you need to explain it, then it’s not that good. I guess that makes UX experts sort of like comedians.

What would be your dream content marketing account to work on?

One of the things I love about content marketing – and particularly social media – is the way it lets a company have a personality, character and a voice. Therefore,  my dream content marketing account would be a brand that’s willing to be really creative with its social campaigns, publishing content that can really get people talking.

As a Kiwi working in Sydney, what do you miss most about New Zealand?

Aside from my family, properly personal space. Most weekends you find me out of the city or close to the sea trying to get some of that fresh pure air I’m used to.

Do you have a favourite geeky content marketing stat?

Facebook now drives a quarter of all web traffic (Shareaholic).

If you could travel back in time to the first day of your working life, what would be the one piece of advice you’d give younger Libby?

Great question. You learn the most from the hard days, calls and meetings. So be thankful for the experience and shake it off!!

What can you tell us about Libby’s Daily Infographics (LDI)?

Libby’s Daily Infographics is something I started due to my love of infographics. I think they are awesome and a really fantastic way to explain something complex, confusing or just show off your creative side. I started sharing my favourites with my subscribers along with a personal story. Due to the overwhelming feedback I got after each mail I had to strip it back to weekly. As there was already the brand awareness with LDI I created the tagline: “You can rely on it been delivered weekly”.