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Melbourne quake goes viral on social media

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake rocked Victoria last night just before 21:00 (local time). It was felt in Melbourne but the epicentre was between the towns of Moe and Trafalgar in the Latrobe Valley.

Goods fell from the shelves at supermarkets as the CBD rattled, sparking fear in more than a few residents, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

And while an earthquake is never cause for celebration, Melbourne's overnight quake did remind the world that Australians always see the funny side of things.

The good old Aussie sense of humour was out in full force on social media last night, with users from around the Victoria region Tweeting, Facebooking and YouTubing their quake experiences.

"I love Melbourne. We are such a bunch of survivors!! Whose organizing the benefit?? #earthquake," Tweeted comedian Peter Helliar.

Meanwhile Twitter user Dale Thomas posted: "What was a bigger natural disaster tonight ? The second ep of #beinglarabingle or Melbourne #earthquake?"

And Dan Donahoo hit the nail on the head with his astute Tweet: "Nothing like a natural disaster to bring social media folks together #melbearthquake #earthquake."

Over on YouTube the comedy continued, with a few people posting parody videos. One person, Nate Laurens, even caught the moment the quake hit on camera.

He was sitting down ready to record a clip of himself singing and playing guitar when he felt the room shaking and leapt up and left the room.

The young lad is now experiencing an unexpected rise in attention – channel 7's breakfast show Sunrise even played the video.

Many other people then took to the camera to record their own earthquake experiences and post them on YouTube.

There were, of course, other more concerned reactions – journalists and authorities were quick to provide up to date reports.

But the response across social media does remind us all about the popularity of these sites and how anything slightly controversial can spark a huge reaction.

Businesses may want to consider including social media in their content marketing strategy to generate conversations surrounding their brand – maximising on this lucrative potential.

Posted by Jess O'Connor