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Microsoft unveils Windows 8

For many people both in and outside of the technology industry 2011 was by all accounts the year of the iPad.

With Apple's tech innovations continuing to exert its recent dominance in the competitive IT sector the world over, leaving competitors to fight over remaining market segments.

But Microsoft is hoping that the launch of its Windows 8 software will turn things around for the company and make a dent on Apple's profit margin.

Representatives from the once-leading PC group are in Barcelona today (February 29) to release the revamped operating system and test for any glitches.

The worldwide launch is expected to take place later this year in time for the Christmas buying season.

However, it is as yet unclear whether the software innovation will give the company the boost it is looking for.

David Clearly, an analyst with Gartner Inc, told the AP that the brand is taking a serious gamble with this product.

"Microsoft's future path is riding on Windows 8 and its success," he said. "This is a chance for Microsoft to re-establish itself in a market where it's becoming increasingly irrelevant.

However, its launch could also spell disaster for the brand if it receives a negative response from consumers.

Features of Windows 8 include an easy-to-use interface that builds on the popularity of touch screens, specific inputs for a mouse, keyboard and pen as well as updated ARM support.

Helping to 'personalise' the user experience is a Start screen, which uses tiles rather than icons and displays apps with greater ease.

Another design element that developers are hoping will attract consumers is its new focus on visuals and integrated filing system.

But it seems that only time will tell whether the Windows 8 software will help the company dust of its image as an outdated product line.

Posted by Aimee McBride