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Millions of Australians follow the World Cup through their mobile devices

This has been an emotional week for Australian football fans, with millions tuning in to watch the Socceroos battle it out against the likes of Spain, Chile and the Netherlands.

Although they may not have made it through to second stage, they put up a good fight against some of the World’s best teams.

The FIFA World Cup has far greater potential than merely a source of entertainment. Since the competition attracts the attention of billions worldwide, it is a goldmine for content marketing.

But brands trying to make the most of all the football fever should be aware that the way people are following the World Cup has changed.

When you picture yourself watching a game, you probably imagine you and friends shouting at the television screen, but a recent survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau revealed many Australians might be watching the games over their mobile phone.

The survey interviewed people from 11 different countries, including Australia, just before the World Cup commenced, and found 46 per cent of Australian football fans planned to follow the games over their mobile phones as well as on TV.

Moreover, the survey found 29 per cent of Australian respondents planned to watch all the games solely through their smartphones, tablets or desktops, compared to 68 per cent who said they prefer TV.

Since the last World Cup in 2010, consumers have become incredibly reliant on their mobile devices, bringing new meaning to the saying ‘attached at the hip’.

In fact, the study found 42 per cent of Australians use their phones during the games, while 19 per cent said they plan to watch one game on the TV, and another on their mobile device.

Many Australians said they would take to social media to share their thoughts on the games, with Facebook being the most popular at 45 per cent.

Brands wanting to reach football fans during this World Cup should be aware that their target audience may be operating a mobile devices.

There are now over 23 million people living in Australia, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics, and well over half of them have mobile devices.

According to recent statistics by IAB Australia and Nielsen, 14 million Australians have a smartphone and 11 million have a tablet.

Therefore, targeting your content towards these mobile users may not be a bad idea during this exciting season.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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