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Mobile a growing gateway to social media for Australians

Mobile technology is the trend that companies need to get in line with today, with smartphones opening up a realm of possibilities with the use of social media.

The use of smartphones can change the way people engage with content on social media, with more concise, image-based posts much more preferable to text-heavy posts.

The increasing use of mobile internet may give your company something to think about, reassessing your social media strategy to ensure that your content caters to these growing mobile audiences.

According to the newly released 2013 Yellow Social Media Report, the number of social media users now using smartphones to access these networks has increased to 67 per cent, up from 53 per cent in 2012.

Meanwhile, the number of those using laptops has gone down to 64 per cent from 69 per cent last year, and PC access has decreased to 46 per cent from 54 per cent in 2012.

Sensis executive general manager for Digital Partnerships and Innovation at Sensis, Kelly Brough, said that we're now seeing "major changes" in the way Australians use social media.

"The average consumer is now more likely to post a comment or tweet from a mobile device and the number of people using tablets has almost doubled in the past 12 months," Ms Brough said.

The report revealed that 29 per cent of small business and almost one[-]quarter (24 per cent) of medium businesses that use social media don't have a strategy to drive traffic to their social media sites.

Ratings and reviews are also noted to have a growing influence on consumers' decision making, the report highlights.

"More Australian consumers are using social media to inform their purchasing decisions. This presents small and medium businesses with clear opportunities to build customer relationships and potential sales however our research shows that businesses are not effectively engaging with these channels," Ms Brough said.

She states in a May 21 blog post that social media should be viewed as an "opportunity to attract customers and grow your business", as that's where more and more consumers are looking.

Posted by April Revake