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Mobile email: the one to watch?

As consumers increasingly choose to browse the internet using mobile devices, marketers need to shift their attention to how they can embrace this trend.

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way in which people consume information, a new report from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) established, leaving marketers wondering how to proceed.

One of the main changes that has been accommodated by the shift to mobile devices is a rise in the amount of content that is sent using mobile email.

The MMA discovered that 88 per cent of consumers check their email using mobile devices on a daily basis, making it valuable for any company hoping to directly address potential customers.

The Essential Considerations for Mobile Email whitepaper revealed that nearly half of all brand-related emails are opened and read by recipients, making this a valuable marketing tool.

Chief strategy officer at the MMA Sheryl Daija said: "Consumers are mobile, and we must adapt our strategies, including mobile email, to meet them in their preferred channel."

However, as with any content strategy, there is certain information that is likely to be better digested by mobile device users than others.

Tim Carr from Creative Lift highlighted that marketers have just a matter of seconds to grab the attention of their reader, meaning that email content "must be clear and concise with a captivating design".

It is often said that first impressions count, which is certainly the case for this demographic – as people see themselves as increasingly time poor, any content that is off-the-mark will be an immediate turn off.

As a result, the MMA expressed the need for mobile email to be seamlessly integrated into the rest of the consumer experience to avoid alienating potential customers.

Carrying out research into the target demographic is just one way of making sure this is achieved.

Posted by Emma Furze