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Mobile marketing – is less content truly best?

It’s time to face the facts – smartphone and tablet users are taking over the internet.

In Australia, 51 per cent of the total average unique browsers of the internet each day are smartphone and tablet users, according to IAB Australia.

What separates them from PC users is their demand for quick and easy online content. They want addresses and opening hours, or prices and reviews.

Many brands have met this demand by creating new, mobile-specific sites with this information readily available.

However, before you go changing your website’s content completely, remember these mobile users also want access to the same top quality, industry-leading content they would find on a PC.

ExactTarget’s latest Mobile Behaviour Report tracked 470 smartphone users going about their everyday lives, and found they spent an average of 3.3 hours a day on their smartphones.

The study found that 54 per cent of respondents believe mobile websites don’t contain as much information or content as they would like.

Online consumers on any device want to know that the brand they are dealing with are at the forefront of technology. According to the study, 68 per cent of mobile users consider it important for the companies with which they interact to be technology leaders.

Many modern-day consumers use mobile devices to do pre-purchase research and want access to a broad range of information, just like PC users.

This year’s Mobile Path-to-Purchase report by xAd and Telmetrics found that 42 per cent of shoppers consider mobile to be the most important medium for their purchasing decisions.

However, unlike PC users, smartphone and tablet users don’t have time on their side as the majority are operating their devices on the go.

But this brings up some amazing opportunities for businesses. The study found that 65 per cent of mobile consumers researching a product want to go ahead with that purchase the same day.

With mobile devices, consumers now have full control over their purchasing decisions. The best thing businesses can do is provide them with the information they’re looking for.

Come up with a content strategy specific for mobile users that has important information readily available, but that also showcases your brands industry knowledge.

Posted by Dylan Brown