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Mobile phone purchases guided by online reviews

The internet has a wealth of functions these days, ranging from keeping in touch with friends and family to researching our favourite topics.

However, one of the biggest trends to have arisen over recent years is the use of the internet for finding out more about specific products.

Think about it – the last time you bought a big-ticket item, did you go online to find out what others were saying before you took the plunge?

Consumers are no doubt influenced by what other people think – and this is certainly the case when it comes to mobile phones.

A survey recently carried out by Roy Morgan Research showed that one in four Australians now considers the internet to be the most useful portal for information when buying a new handset.

In fact, the internet is now almost twice as popular as catalogues for researching the latest technology.

So how can companies use people's reliance on the internet to their advantage? Well, as social media becomes a useful tool for seeking out information, there is certainly a case for using this as part of a marketing strategy.

Encouraging people to discuss latest products and services online enables businesses to target their social media marketing more effectively, as well as give people the source of information they crave.

However, it is essential not to be naïve in thinking that everyone will have something positive to say – use these discussions as an opportunity to see what people think about what you are offering.

Bear in mind that people don't hold back on social media, but you can use their comments to improve your offerings and place yourself above your competitors.

It is not only the mobile phone industry that can benefit from this growing trend – the trick is to keep up pace and ensure you are adding value to whatever you are selling.

Posted by Emma Furze