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Mobile search, filtered coffee and Rand Fishkin: Q&A with Senior Content Strategist Shannon Maloney

Shannon Maloney is a Senior Content Marketing Strategist in our Auckland office and one of our wonderful US imports from our sister company, Brafton. Shannon kindly took some time out from her busy schedule to tell us about the rise of mobile search; pining for filtered coffee; and giving Rand Fishkin a makeover.

What were you doing at Brafton before you came to join us at Castleford?

In the months preceding my journey to New Zealand I was working as a Senior Content Marketing Strategist. I was working on a wide range of accounts including some big ones.

What’s been the most noticeable difference as you’ve adjusted to working in a new market?

Definitely “the chat”. It’s been such a wonderful and welcoming experience managing client communications here. I think a lot of businesses in the New Zealand and Australian markets are still in the “curiosity” phase when it comes to content marketing and I truly enjoying being the person that gets to educate them!!

What’s the one thing American brands do that you’d most like your Aussie and Kiwi clients to get right?

American Brands are really embracing social media marketing as another crucial component of their overall marketing strategy and digital presence. I’d really like to see the market here embrace this, because there’s so much opportunity to engage and nurture users through these channels.

What’s the hot topic in content marketing right now?

Mobile search!! With Google’s Mobile Algorithm update last month I think everyone is really scrambling to get ahead of the curve on this one and ensure their sites are mobile-optimized. I’m really interested to see the changes in mobile SERPs and the incorporation of app indexing.

What would be your dream content marketing account to work on?

If I had to pick a company to develop a content marketing strategy for it would definitely be something in fashion. Top Shop just opened around the corner from the office, so that would be pretty cool (and super convenient for meetings).

Who was the star performer on your team last quarter?

Well, this may come off as biased because I had the pleasure of working with this person at Brafton as well, but I have to say (Content Producer) Kristina Conroy. She’s taken on a real leadership role within the my team all while continuing to produce killer editorial content, maintain extremely positive client communications and fueling our content strategies with creative and engaging ideas with the new premium features we’ve been rolling out.

What do you miss the most about the US?

Filtered coffee!! I’m sure many people around the office have heard me gripe and groan about this, but I’m coping with the loss and have traded in my “bottomless cup” addiction for long blacks.

If you were starring in a Whiteboard Friday with Rand Fishkin, would you prefer “Clean-cut Rand” or “Lumber-sexual Rand”?

Is it possible to have both? Ahh probably not, so I’d have to say clean-cut Rand, because if we’re starring in a Whiteboard Friday together it might look odd with me in a wedding dress and him in flannel!!