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Mobile users are the most likely to open emails

If you prefer keeping your head in the sand when it comes to all the latest content marketing trends out there, then you may be missing out on valuable opportunities.

Email marketing, perhaps the oldest, sturdiest, online marketing technique out there, has now been taken over by mobile users.

This news comes from a recent study by Movable Ink, which took an in-depth look into how tablet and smartphone users access their emails.

The US study, which took place throughout Q1 of this year, found smartphone and tablet users accounted for an impressive 66 per cent of email opens, compared to only 32.6 per cent of desktop users.

This is still rising too. Email opens on mobile devices have increased 4 per cent since Q2 of 2013, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Although smartphones make up the majority of email opens, at 47.2 per cent, tablets still accounted for a significant chunk of overall email opens, at 18.5 per cent.

Movable Ink also gave some good insights into the best times to email. The study found most smartphone users open their emails in the early hours of the morning, before the working day begins.

However, tablet users were more likely to open emails in the evening, between 8 pm and 11 pm.

Email marketing is still an incredibly powerful tool, and a great way to target consumers who have already shown some interest in your business.

And it shows no sign of dying down anytime soon. According to a recent study by ExactTarget, 88 per cent of marketers rely on email marketing.

Therefore, if email marketing has become an integral part of your content strategy, it would be a good idea to invest in technology to make your email content mobile-friendly.

This study shows just how quickly modern-day technology is moving, and how brands need to adjust their content strategy if they want to stay afloat.

Posted by Dylan Brown