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More Australians go in search of a bargain

Going in search of a great deal is hardly a new trend, but it seems that websites across the nation are cashing in on people's demand for bargains – and their love of internet shopping.

The latest Australian Online Group Buying Study from Telsyte reveals that people throughout the country spent $504 million on these deals last year – a trend that is showing little sign of slowing down.

Combined revenue of the top five sites – Groupon, Scoopon, LivingSocial, Cudo and OurDeal – experienced growth of nine per cent last year, helping to shape the ever changing online shopping landscape.

In fact, Groupon and Scoopon alone have seen combined growth of more than 40 per cent over the past year.

Of course, this shift in consumer behaviour presents both opportunities and challenges for online retailers, making it more important than ever to stand apart from the crowd.

With more consumers turning to online stores, there is a growing need for retailers to have a sound social media strategy to make the most of people's dependence on the internet.

As many users of these group buying sites will no doubt know, sharing deals with friends and family has its rewards – the likes of Groupon offer credit to be used on the site when making recommendations.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are therefore the perfect platforms for sharing content of all kinds (including great bargains) – users can simply post the deal they are interested in and encourage their friends or followers to make a purchase.

Not only this, you will no doubt find that group buying sites are doing their bit to drum up interest in their deals, as their tweets are timely, relevant and encourage followers to share.

Bear in mind that attention grabbing tweets will get your brand noticed, not to mention encouraging conversation among social media users – something that any content strategy can benefit from.

With social media and group buying sites both seeing a rise in their popularity, retailers need to make the most of the trend while it's still hot.

Retail product sales and local deals were shown to be the most popular in the Telsyte study, so we reckon these are the ones to watch!

Posted by Emma Furze